At Avenue Industries with our core focus on producing the best quality yarn, we are equipped with enormous manufacturing facility to fulfil all our customer needs. With continuous adaption of innovative technology and exponential growth we produce a broad range of products including various types of black, white and coloured polyester yarn. (DTY, FDY, POY, embroidery yarn, carpet yarn, etc.)

Draw Textured Yarn


We offer a wide range from 50 to 1000 denier with Low intermingle (LIM) / Soft intermingle (SIM) , Non intermingle (NIM), High Intermingle (HIM) suitable for making polyester fabric for garments, furnishings, upholstery, dress materials, etc. This has become a preferred replacement of cotton and cotton blended yarns as it has very high durability, high retention properties and low moisture content.

Fully Drawn Yarn


FDY yarn is mainly available in 3 lustres – Semi Dull (SD), Full Dull (FD) Bright (BRT) having circular section & having triangular cross-sections. Filament yarn having trilobal bright lustre is widely used in making curtains, bed-sheets and carpets. FDY is available in Raw-white as well as dope dyed. Dope Dyed FDY yarn can be used to manufacture coloured fabric directly instead of making the fabric with FDY Raw-white first & then dyeing it. Catonic FDY is another variation of Filament yarn.

Partially Oriented Yarn


POY yarn is available in different lustre like Semi-Dull POY, Full Dull POY and Bright POY. The Bright POY has the shine in it due to the cross-sections in the filaments. Polyester POY yarn is mainly available in Raw White colour. POY is usually coloured by the Dope Dyed technology as it is more efficient & the yarn gets evenly coloured at each & every part. Colour master-batch is mixed with the raw material to make the dope dyed POY. Dope dyed POY yarn can be used to make the Dope Dyed DTY yarn. POY made on Barmag machines from Germany have the highest quality.